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CRomium Systems ~ Custom Built High Performance Computers

We all spend a lot of time at our computers. You deserve a machine that fits your needs and provides a great, reliable user experience, year after year.

Custom CRomium Systems do just that!

Incredible systems tailored to any:
Casual user, Gamer, Photoshop enthusiast, Auto-CAD professional, Video editing or Rendering guru.

Overall Features:

  • Progressive Design ~ Ultra-compact without sacrificing features and up-gradability!
  • Gone are the days of bulky desktop computers.
  • Balanced ~ After learning your particular needs we design balanced systems that provide great overall performance at your price point. Your computer is only as good as its weakest component.
  • Tested ~ Each computer faces a grueling 24-hour stress test to insure a worry-free experience and to ‘weed out’ poor components. Ever purchased a computer component, excited to upgrade, and find out it’s defective? Not in our shop!
  • Complete ~ Each system is pre-loaded with your choice of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1

You Get ~ High Performance & Processing Power!

Custom CRomium system

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Plus the following Perks:

    • Current drivers & all Windows updates.
    • IE, Chrome and FireFox with Add-ons/extensions enabled to wipe out annoying ads, secure your identity, & protect your computer from malicious software.
    • File Recovery Software to retrieve accidentally deleted files & a system cleaning tool included.
    • Compressed File Manager (open all compressed file formats such as .iso, .rar, .7z).
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash & Shockwave.
    • Powerful BR/DVD burning software.
    • Media Codecs to encode & play any Video/Audio file format.
    • Java x86 and x64.
    • Pre-configured Nordic Cloud Backup (local & cloud available on request) automatically images your system drive on a weekly basis to protect against data loss.

All these Features at a Competitive Price ~

We honor the Manufacturer’s Original Warranty on all parts & provide a 30-day failure guarantee!
Each Computer is Unique, we’d really like to discuss the system YOU want built!

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