Why choose us: Computer Repair Seattle

As a family owned and operated business we genuinely want to help you.

We know you rely on your computer; it’s needed to live your life.
Our Repairs are fast and done right!

We’ve learned the most stressful parts of a breakdown are:

Not knowing the cost in advance or worrying about hidden charges ~ locating a store
~ find parking ~ and carrying your equipment in, often times in the rain.
Then bringing everything home and resetting it up yourself.

HomeNet relieves that stress ~ with our Most Popular ~ White Glove Service

We: Pick up - Repair - Return your system for a Flat charge ~ View Pricing

What we offer our clients
On-Site Services ~ At Home or Office

Common Questions

  • Install and setup a new Wi-Fi router, or printer?
  • Share the printers or files with all computers in your home or office?
  • Setting up a guest Wi-Fi for friends or customers to use?
  • Machine runs slowly or takes you to web sites you didn’t click ?
  • Home page changed and you can’t change it back?
Call for help today! 206-453-5331

We provide the best in Computer Repair Seattle

We can discuss which service is the best fit for you!

On-Site Tutoring:

We tutor people of all ages.

Some Classes are specially designed for Senior Users:

Either ~ One-on-one or Groups living in Senior Housing in Seattle and surrounding areas.

Our Team ~
Computer repair Seattle - Richard Mallory

Richard Mallory

At age 9 he started taking apart computers to figure out how they work.

His professional IT career began in1993 in document imaging and workflow systems for large businesses and government.

He later graduated into Network Engineering, Server and Workstation Admin. In 2003 he opened HomeNet in Seattle to work with end users.

Computer repair Seattle - Susie

Susie Mallory

Susie takes care of all the customer service needs and ensures all your problems are resolved.

Susie calls you after your repairs are complete to ensure your are satisfied with our work and back on track.

Susie has over 25 years of customer service experience and would love to talk to you.

9735 Wallingford Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103